Euphoria Motion Picture Soundtrack

This is my latest release! I composed the entire original motion picture soundtrack for EUPHORIA, which took the Gold Award for Documentary at the Houston Film Festival.

The new release features thirteen original titles, including "The Euphoria Experience" which you heard when entering my site.

Final Neuron Scene

At this moment in the film, a chandelier in the design of a brain neuron explodes from a bridge over the Baltimore harbor! A stunning metaphor of the intense chemical reaction and emotion we humans feel when we experience the euphoria of activity with deep personal meaning and substance.

Larry Barnes: Euphoria Original Soundtrack

Rain Songs

This music was commissioned by the city of Lexington for the Jefferson Duo - Merrilee Elliott, flute and Arlene Rector, harp. The rain songs were inspired by the sound of the Peruvian rain stick, slowly turning in the first and last songs of the set. The alto flute was used to lend the mysterious, native sound of the panpipes of the Andes mountain region to this music. "This is one of the truly great pieces for flute and harp" -Merrilee Elliott, flutist, Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra. Credits: Merrilee Elliot - Flute and Alto Flute Arlene Rector - Harp and Rain Stick